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Quebonafide is a rapper from Ciechanów and founder of QueQuality record company. His fresh approach to rap, unconventional and often experimental flow, refined rhyming technique - these features have already been present on 'Ezoteryka' - a debut album that has gone gold on pre-order, and after a few months has achieved platinum status. After the release of 'Ezoteryka', Quebonafide and his team played nearly 200 concerts in Poland and abroad. His shows are always spectacular and energetic.

The inspiration for the following recordings have become long journeys to Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Iceland, USA or Australia. The effect of his travel experiences is the album 'Egzotyka' (2017), which reached platinum status before the premiere. 'Egzotyka' became the best-selling Polish album in 2017.

In April 2018, Quebonafide along with Taco Hemingway, as a duo named Taconafide, released the album 'Soma 0.5 mg'. The project was promoted with a concert tour covering 7 largest Polish cities. Within a few weeks the album went triple platinum.