• Do I have to bring an ID?

    Yes, considering your own safety it’s worth having an ID with you. Additionally such document will allow our staff to verify the age of participants under 18th year of age, entitled to independent entry to the festival area. (more info in the Terms and Conditions of the Event). In the case of children holding a ticket with discount or entitled to free admission to the festival, parents or carers of the children are obliged to present the document confirming child’s age.

  • Opening/closing the gates.

    The festival opens at 3:00 P.M. The festival area will be open until 2:30 A.M.

  • Does the 4-day ticket for Open’er Festival in package with a 2-day Orange Warsaw Festival ticket include the entry ticket to the camping area at Open’er Festival?

    No. It’s a 4-day ticket without camping.

  • Can you take pictures at the festival?

    Yes, you can take photos, but only with an amateur digital cameras with optical zoom under 6x and with traditional amateur compact cameras. You cannot bring professional cameras, film cameras or any other equipment recording audio-video. While taking pictures or recording videos please make sure you are not blocking anybody’s view of the stage.

  • Can I bring selfie stick with me?

    No, bringing tripods and so called selfie sticks to the festival area is forbidden.

  • Payments at the festival area

    There is a cashless payment system at the festival. You can pay easily and quickly with your own payment card, phone or special Mastercard payment band. More details soon.

  • Children at the festival?

    Children up to 3 years old take part in the festival for free. You are welcome to purchase 2-day and other tickets with discount for children aged 3-10 – available with 50% discount.

  • Is there a taxi stop at the festival?

    At the festival taxis will have their own stop between entrance gates and the main gate near Puławska street. More details soon.

  • How can I get to the festival?

    Details soon.

  • Will parking be available for festival goers at the festival?

    This year we are not providing parking for the festival public. We are encouraging you to use P+R parkings, public transport or taxis.

  • Will there be parking for people with VIP tickets available?

    Yes. VIP parking entrance will be open only near Poleczki Street. (turn from Poleczki Street into Wyczółki Street)

    ATTENTION: people without VIP tickets will not be able to access the parking from Poleczki Street.

  • Can I take an umbrella to the festival?

    To the festival area you can bring only small, telescopic umbrellas. All big umbrellas, with metal or wooden pointy tips are forbidden.

  • Is there a deposit at the festival?

    For your convenience, there will be a deposit where you’ll be able to leave objects, which are forbidden at the festival area in complience with the applying Festival Terms and Conditions (e.g. professional camera, big, not telescopic umbrella). The deposit charge is PLN 10 (approx. EUR 2.5) per usage.

  • Can I bring my own food and drink to the festival?

    No food or drinks are allowed to the festival area. There are catering areas and stalls at the festival, where you can buy meals and food products.

  • Can I enter the festival with a small folded stroller?

    Yes, they will be checked.

  • Can pregnant women enter the festival area?

    There will be special platforms on the festival area, which apart from the persons with disabilities, can be also used by the pregnant women. Due to the nature of the event (i.a. the volume of the sound and the number of participants, especially near the stage area) we ask the future mums to think over their participation in the festival thoroughly.


You can find all necessary information in the OzN tab.


  • Can persons with temporary disability, who for example have broken a leg and are using crutches or are using wheelchairs purchase the ticket D?

    Persons with temporary disabilities cannot purchase the ticket N. Please, report to the Point of Priority Service, where you’ll be granted the right to use platforms located near stages.

  • Can persons for example with diabetes take necessary medicines and medical accessories with them, or can they bring their own food?

    Persons whose health condition requires serving special medicines, can bring the medicines necessary for them, medical accessories to serve the medicines, food and drinks, however it is required to present a medical certificate about the necessity of having the medicines with you. Please store the necessary food and drinks in ways compliant with the safety rules contained in Terms and Conditions of Orange Warsaw Festival ( drinks in cans are forbidden as well as glass bottles and  vacuum flasks). Persons with diabetes are encouraged to bringing sachets with fluid glucose available in every pharmacy.