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Mastercard - logo


Mastercard® is a technological partner of the Orange Warsaw Festival! That’s why modern cashless payments are available at the festival.

Bring your bank’s card to the festival.

Pay with your phone.

Use the Mastercard® payment band for contactless payments. If you already have one, bring it with you to the festival. You can also order one online.


Rocznicowy logotyp Miasta Warszawa

Take a breath in the Warsaw City Zone!

We remind you all throughout the year how Warsaw is developing. Thanks to our City Zone you’ll be up to date with what’s going on in the City!

We are free and we like to celebrate this freedom! That is why we are happy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the free elections. Taking this opportunity, we will invite you to the round-table; where you will get a chance to express your freedom in the form of art.

You will have the opportunity to create unique scarves, make bracelets and get tattooed in true Warsaw style. Warsaw is for everyone, that’s why we want everyone to let us know what freedom means to you, by creating with us the most colorful artistic illumination of the festival.

However, the surprises are not over yet!

As every year, we will also create a chill zone for you with lawn chairs and hassocks. Drop into the Warsaw City Zone and see for yourself what we have prepared for you!

The City of Warsaw is the partner and initiator of the Orange Warsaw Festival.


Strefa Jelenia - logo

Deers sleep only 60-100 minutes a day, don’t waste your time and come with your team to the Deer Zone! A climate zone and a special place await you, where through tattoo you can express your party nature! Together we will toast to co-create the legend #ktojägniemy.


Lay's - logo

Lay's is a brand that is associated with the delicious flavor of crisps and a great time spent with friends. During the summer, we feel that the moments together taste better with Lay's. Every year we prepare for you a number of summer attractions, so that there are plenty of such moments. This year, we will "turn up" the summer and we show that music and summer festivals are a great time for crunching together.

No matter what music genre you like most - there are as many of them as Lay's flavors. You will find this diversity in our Lay's zone, where variety of activities is waiting for you - ideal for you and your (not only) music pack! )Music escape room, festival tattoos, comfortable chill zone or the opportunity to take the most instagram-worthy photo at the festival (how many hearts will you collect?). These are just some of the planned attractions, and if on the way you feel like delicious Lay's chips, come to our zone!

Take your pack to the Lay's festival!


Postój Na Wino - logo

„Postój na wino" is a zone where you can feel the "Barefoot Side of Life", which is a little bit of fun and chill. This is a place where you can catch your breath before the next show. Come over with friends and feel free to talk about music- with Californian wine in your hand.


Red Bull - logo

Can of Red Bull is a regular party guest, at the club, festival and concert as well. Like many Djs, Bboys and other artists, you can drink Red Bull to achieve an epic party level during the day and night!


Spritz on Tour - logo

Aperitivo is the quintessence of the Italian lifestyle. It’s a tradition, that involves meeting with friends and sharing a toast. Come to our zone with your friends and try the real Italian „La dolce vita”. Everywhere is good, but the best is when you are #happytogether.


Tidal - logo

TIDAL is an artist-owned global music streaming and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans closer together through unique original content and exclusive experiences.

TIDAL is available in 53 countries, and we have over 60 million songs and over 250,000 high-quality videos in our catalog, offering passionate music fans both a premium and high-fidelity sound quality, along with original video series; podcasts; thousands of playlists curated by industry experts, music journalists, and artists; exclusive content; and unique experiences.



Radio Zet - logotyp

Visit the Radio ZET zone at one of the biggest music festivals in Poland!


  • You'll pump up your festival style

Professional make-up, lots of glitter, hair stylists?  No problem at all! Our metamorphosis zone will tackle any challenge!

  • You will win exceptional prizes

Be alert! Follow exactly what is happening in our zone, use the # siłamuzyki tag on your Instagram account and win valuable prizes.

  • You will see what you can not hear

Take a look at the work of Radio ZET DJs, and even make an impact on our frequency - where everything happens live!

Join the shared fun! See you in the Radio ZET zone!


Cinema City - logotyp

Are you ready for extreme cinema experience? See how long you will handle moving cinema chair and win prizes from Cinema City! Between 3:30 and 11 pm you can try yourself in 4DX Challenge. To win free cinema tickets and popcorn.