The fourth edition of Orange Warsaw Festival was undoubtedly the most unique party of the previous summer!

Two days (the 17th and the 18th of June) of the spectacular concerts at the new stadium of Legia Warszawa inaugurated the summer of music festivals, offering the biggest music surprises of the previous summer to the Polish fans. Orange Warsaw Festival 2011 artists included: My Chemical Romance, Skunk Anansie, Moby, Jamiroquai and Plan B. The explosive mix of the most charismatic stars of the global music scene drew more than 50,000 music lovers.

The unbeatable star of the fourth edition of Orange Warsaw Festival was one of the most awaited band in Poland – My Chemical Romance. The concert of this American group on the first day of the festival, the 17th of June, was the first  ever performance of the band in Poland. Their concert will be remembered thanks to great behaviour of the fans who prepared a few incredibly positive surprises for their idols. During the performance of ‘Na Na Na’ the audience showed up papers with ‘Na’ written on them, while during ‘SING’ put on masks and took out torches. The emotions reached fever pitch, but it was not the end! After My Chemical Romance the stage was taken by Skunk Anansie with Skin and the rest of the band giving an unbeatable energetic show during the concert. The final of the evening belonged to charismatic Moby who served the festival audience with the greatest sound feast for their senses ever. The artist played nearly all of his hits, starting from ‘Lie Down In Darkness’, through ‘Stars’, up to ‘In This World’. He played guitar, sang, played drums and then was back in front of the microphone. Thanks Polish fans, Moby took a camera and started to make photos of the audience jumping to his rhythms. The stadium was set on fire!

The second day of the festival, the 18thof June, was filled with same level of emotions. First the stage was taken by Przybysz sisters from Sistars who gave their anniversary performance and after some longer absence on the music stage they reminded their most popular tracks. The touched audience sang them ‘Happy Birthday’. After Sistars there was a concert of Plan B and Jamiroquai who thrilled the audience and was named the superstar of the evening. The two-hour-show by Jay Kay, the frontman of the band, caused very energetic and lively reactions of the audience. Dancing crowd did not want to let the artists leave the stage, what perfectly pictures the atmosphere of this music feast.

During Orange Warsaw Festival 2011 there were also concerts of the winners of the second edition of ‘WOW! Music Awards’. Among them Piotr Lisiecki and FOX who played during the first day of the event. Great was named also the performance of Michal Szpak, the winner of X Factor TV show, whose concert before My Chemical Romance or Skunk Anansie was his first performance in front of such wide audience ever.

Orange Warsaw Festival 2011 turned out to be an extraordinary music adventure again. The performances of great artists of world-wide music scene in an atmosphere of wild fun are becoming the label of the festival year for year.

Line up: My Chemical Romance, Skunk Anansie, Moby, Jamiroquai, Plan B, Sistars, Michał Szpak, FOX, Piotr Lisiecki.