From incredibly talented artists of the young generation, through pop icons, to rock giants - this is how you can describe the Orange Warsaw Festival 2019 line-up, which featured, among others, Rita Ora, Troye Sivan, The Raconteurs, Marshmello, Solange, Miles Kane and the already mentioned Miley Cyrus. "I believe that the success of the entire music festival market is the fact, that thanks to such events we manage to open up and attract new music fans", Mikołaj Ziółkowski, head of Alter Art, said in an interview for Onet, just before the start of the Orange Warsaw Festival 2019. Indeed, for some of the participants of this edition it was the first festival experience in their lives.

For some of the festival's greatest artists, including Rita Ora, Troye Sivan, Marshmello and Miley Cyrus, the undisputed queen of this year's edition, these were also the first concerts in Poland. Most of them did not hide their emotions related to the phenomenal reception of the Orange Warsaw Festival by the audience. "Best FUC**N Crowd Ever!" Rita Ora wrote right after her performance, highlighting her joy in several posts on social media. Troye Sivan, on the other hand, had to take a deep breath at the beginning of the concert to believe how many people had come to see him.

The Orange Warsaw Festival is also about strong women. Solange and Miley Cyrus are a great example that it is worth going against the tide and common expectations, and the choice of your own path and focus on development will be appreciated by fans. "It took me years to get to where I am now," said Solange at the OWF concert, stressing that she is finally happy, professionally and spiritually. On the other hand, the path that Miley Cyrus has traveled over the last several years was heard during her concert. From the hit "Party in the USA", through the groundbreaking and scandalous "Wrecking Ball", to material from the phenomenal, eclectic new EP "She Is Coming". Speaking of the 2019 OWF women, we cannot forget about Rita Ora as well. The artist showed that if you give the fans 100 percent of themselves, they can wait up to 6 years for the new album and give her a unique reception.

We would like to thank Orange, the titular sponsor, and the City of Warsaw for a great event!