Orange Warsaw Festival is one of the best-adjusted music festivals for people with disabilities in Poland.

Our priority is to make the festival a friendly place for everyone and a safe space for experiencing positive emotions. We have introduced a number of facilities aimed at people with various disabilities, intended to facilitate moving around the area and taking advantage of festival attractions.

A brief description of the offered facilities:

  • 1 N ticket allowing a disabled person to enter with a supporting person

  • 5 social partners working to ensure availability

  • approx. 4 linear kilometres, i.e. over 2,000 sqm of hardened surface facilitating moving around

  • 2 platforms with ramps in the vicinity of both stages, which provide comfortable conditions for enjoying yourself and listening to music

  • 60 supporting volunteers at the site 

  • over 20 ramps

  • 4 induction loops for the persons with hearing problems (on/near the platforms in the vicinity of both stages, the DJ zone, and at the Priority Service Point)

  • 1 interpreter of the Polish sign language

  • 5 points equipped with toilets adapted to the needs of people with disabilities

  • 3 concerts daily at the main stage with audio description at the frequency 91.5 FM and festival radio operating at every full hour and every 30 minutes

If you have any questions, choose one of the topics on the tabs above.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please contact [email protected]


I. Where and how to buy ticket N, who can buy it and what rights does it bear?

How can you buy N-ticket, dedicated to persons with disabilities?
Tickets N are available via altersklep.pl and eBilet.pl.  Presentation of document certifying the rights to use the ticket N is necessary at the entrance to the festival area. Here you'll find more information. Tickets for persons with disabilities are available in two kinds - 2-day ticket or a 1-day ticket for particular day.

II. Who is entitled to purchase ticket N?

Only persons with major level of disability, as well as persons with any level of disability requiring using the wheelchair are entitled to purchase 2-day tickets N and 1-day tickets N. The level of disability which is mentioned herein, should be confirmed with the certificate from District Disability Determination Service (with photo confirming identity ) or valid Disabled ID card (with photo confirming identity).

List of required documents:

- Disability certificate (from District or City Disability Determination Service) - with photo confirming identity

- Pensioner’s card - from Social Insurance Company (ZUS) - with photo confirming identity

- valid Disabled ID card (from District or City Disability Determination Service) - with photo confirming identity

See templates of documents listed above

III. Can a person with disabilities bring the supporting person with him or her?

Yes. Each person, who has purchased the ticket N, can come with supporting person, if there is a need. Ticket for person with disabilities entitles (one during the whole festival time) supporting person to enter the event area, and to accompany the person with disabilities. At the entrance, person with disabilities and the supporting person receive separate wristbands.

IV. How many supporting persons can enter the festival area with one person with disabilities?

Each  person with disabilities with ticket N can enter the festival area with one supporting person. In case off having a 2-day ticket N it must be the same supporting person through the whole festival time.

V. Is it possible to use a discount with Orange code at the purchase of tickets N?

Yes, it is possible. Tickets N are subject to discounts for Orange customers on the same rules as the other tickets.


I. What's the best way to get to OWF?

This year's OWF takes palce at Służewiec Horse Race Track. You can get there as well by means of public transport as by your own car. Detailed information concerning transport will be available at the festival official website.

II. Will there be a parking lot for persons with disabilities?

Parking lot for persons with disabilities is located the nearest to the festival entrance on the area of Służewiec Horse Race Track parking lot. Moreover, there is a possibility to use option "Kiss and Ride" - where you can be given a lift directly to the entrance to the OWF area.

III. What should I do to use the parking place for persons with disabilities?

At the entrance to the festival area you need to present ticket N, valid Parking Card and Ticket Parking (purchased in advance). Parking tickets are on sale here.

IV. Which entrance should be used by persons with ticket N?

Persons with disabilities will use the main entrance located at the area of Służewiec Horse Race Track parking lot. There will be installed a wider gate, adjusted to the needs of persons on wheelchairs making the entrance to the festival area more comfortable for them.

People who will arrive by public transport can use car transport adapted to transporting people on wheelchairs from entrance gates to the entrance gates of the festival area.

The persons who do not have a valid Parking Card can use the Kiss & Ride car park, which allows you to drive near the entrance to the festival area and stop for the time of getting out of the car. If you wish to use car parking for people with disabilities, you need to buy a Parking Ticket N.

Before entering the festival area, persons with disabilities should check in the Point of Priority Service. It is the only place where you and your supporting person can exchange your ticket N into wristbands authorizing to admission to the festival area.


I. Is the object fully adjusted to the needs of persons on wheelchairs?

This year the festival takes place on the open space of Warszawa-Służewiec Horse Race Track parking lots. We’ve applied a series of facilities, which we hope will allow you to move around the festival area and use festival attractions in a safe and easy way. However in case of heavy rainfall persons with disabilities, especially on wheelchairs must take difficulties into account.

II. Are there planned any special places for persons with disabilities?

There will be special platforms located near both stages which are Orange Stage and Warsaw Stage. Persons with disabilities, who will want to get to the platform can count on the dedicated festival staff.

III. Are there sitting places on the platforms?

Yes, the sitting places will be dedicated to persons with tickets N and persons (with major temporary disabilities, such as a broken leg) who were given the permission to use platforms after check in the Point of Priority Service located on the festival area. The sitting places will be also available to the supporting persons, however the number of seats is limited.

IV. Are the platforms elevated and are they customized to the needs of persons on electric wheelchairs?

Yes, the platforms are elevated, which provides a comfortable view on the concerts even in sitting position. The wheelchair ramp slope leading to the platform does not exceed 6%, the ramp is also equipped with special banisters.

V. Will there be any support available?

We ask persons who will need any help, to check in the Point of Priority Service, where they will have an assistant assigned.

VI. Will there be an ATM machine adjusted to the needs of persons with disability?

An ATM will be available for most persons moving on wheelchair and short people. There’s a possibility to talk to consultant via intercom. The height of the ATM panel equals 113 cm, the height of the intercom equals 28 cm.


I. Can persons with temporary disability, who for example have broken a leg and are using crutches or are using wheelchairs purchase the ticket N?

No.The persons who need support can contact the volunteers or security guards in front of the entrance gate to the Horse Racing Area in order to reach the Priority Service Point. Here, depending on your needs, you will be given permission to use the platforms near the stages.

II. Can persons for example with diabietes take necessary medicines and medical accessories with them or can they bring their own food?

Persons whose health condition requires serving special medicines, can bring the medicines necessary for them, medical accessories to serve the medicines, food and drinks, however it is required to present a medical certificate about the necessity of having the medicines with you. Please store the food and drinks in compliance with safety regulations contained in Terms and Conditions of the festival (cans, glass bottles and vacuum flasks). Persons with diabetes are encouraged to have with them a special sachets with liquid glucose available in every pharmacy.


I. Will there be an induction loop available for persons with hearing impairment and Polish Sign Language interpreter during festival?

Yes, there will be an induction loop available for persons with hearing impairment and Polish Sign Language interpreter in the Point of Priority Service. You can  ask for the support of Polish sign language interpreter at the Priority Service Point.


I. Will the Festival Area be adjusted to the needs of persons with motion disabilities?

Access to the Festival Area is facilitated thanks to harden, asphalt surface and sidewalks. Acces to the high kerbs will be available thanks to the special approach banks. Special paths, thanks to which, it will be possible to avoid moving on the grass will be located in key places.  Unfortunately so called food trucks are not adjusted to the needs of persons with disabilities and do not have any lovered counters, although all persons with disabilities will have the priority during service. In the event of any troubles, please ask the festival stuff for help.


I. Will there be any toilets available for persons with disabilities at the event area?

Yes, toilets adjusted to needs of persons with disabilities will be located near both platforms and in key locations of the festival.