Music for the Body in TEZENIS zone!

Here the world of fashion meet with the world of music, surrounded by a magical space, accompanied by the best beats and in the company of great guests: stars of the music scene, creators from the world of social media, stylists and many other guests.

Make-over Station a backstage-inspired fashion show zone where you will transform your make-up and hair.

Beauty Stop frenzy of colors and cosmic crystals will totally transform your look.

Break the limit - Fake Piercing - because where if not at the festival is the space to experiment in the sphere of appearance.

Tatoo Station - choose your favorite design done in an interesting form, Prinker tool.

Time to post it Please take some selfies...Mirror spot is the perfect place to take a souvenir photo of the festival.

Never have I ever...Play a character from an American movie, play a quiz, answer the questions that come up with the "true" & "false" plates and learn something new about yourself and your co-star.

Dazzle'n'tassel photo booth Put your tassels in motion and take the best festival photo! By the way, grab a discount on purchases at Tezenis stores.

Enter music world of Tezenis and have a magical adventure with us.



Heineken is a beer with a 150-year tradition that has international music ingrained in its DNA. This year, once again, we will be present at the best festival in Warsaw. We invite you to our bars - the classic Original, refreshing Silver, and non-alcoholic 0.0 are already cooling down!



"Blonde Salon&Bar" by Johnnie Walker will welcome you with lively music and a vibrant dance floor! In the zone you will be able to enjoy a cocktail with the new Johnnie Walker Blonde and "MIX A BIT" with friends! Take the opportunity to see how you look in blonde hair in Blonde Salon thanks to AR technology and win the Blonde merch!

Time to Mix! #GoBlonde



Aperol is a world-wide known aperitif and the key ingredient to Aperol Spritz cocktail. Its unique bittersweet taste derives from a secret and original recipe, created in 1919 that has remained authentic over time as a result of a hard work of experimentation.
An infusion of selected primary components including oranges, herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination.



„Odkryj maksymalnie owocowy i różnorodny świat Tymbarka na Orange Warsaw Festival. Kochamy muzykę tak samo jak TY, dlatego przez najbliższe dwa dni czekamy na Ciebie w naszej strefie i punktach! Dla Ciebie i Twoich przyjaciół mamy orzeźwienie jakiego nie było!  W tym roku Tymbark będzie z zupełnie nową odsłoną strefy DOMKÓWKA, w której każdy z pokoi kryje zaskakujące atrakcje! Czekamy na Ciebie! Do zobaczenia!

#kochaj życie #kochaj muzykę #tymbarkdomówka"



„While running between the stages, you feel that you would need some extra wings - visit our Red Bull festival zone! Grab a cold can and you’re ready to go!"



The legendary Żubrówka is the most popular Polish vodka brand in the world. It is a true icon, available in more than 40 countries such as the United States, France and even Japan. This year, the brand launched its brand new Fresh Żu line, which consists of four fruity, refreshing flavours - sour apple, refreshing mint, sour lemon and crisp sea buckthorn. Look for them in the unique Żubrówka zone, where, in addition to cocktails, there are plenty of activities waiting for you, such as neon make-up and wild tattoos. Come and discover your wild nature!



Shall we... step aside for a moment and immerse ourselves in the colors and flavors of summer?

Classic, strawberry, citrus, or maybe ... 0%? Visit us and choose your Gordon's gin variant to create your own summer classic - Gordon's Tonic!

…shall we?



Feel the festival vibe with OREO ICE CREAMS. In our zone you can pump up your look, take a unique photo, chill and eat Oreo ice creams.

Enter the playful world of OREO ICE CREAMS! #lodyOreodlaFanówOreo




Positive vibes, chill, good design and fun - that's what we're all about! Drop into the Subway zone, which was specially painted by artist Robert Kuta. Pop - art design can be immortalized in photos from the photo booth, and it will be a perfect festival souvenir for you and your friends. Or maybe while being in the Subway zone, you will meet some interesting influencer ... who will be there? see for yourself, just pop into the Subway® area.


Ps. Scan the QR code on the wall of the zone and you will find out what special promotion Subway® has prepared for you.