Have you ever had a tail? A real fish tail? In the Warsaw City Zone at Orange Warsaw Festival 2023, not only such wonders are possible.
We've prepared something special - an Insta Corner, where you'll take a photo of yourself becoming a mermaid relaxing... in the bathtub. Also drop by for real flower headbands or customized keyrings - our mermaids will help you create them.
If you fancy a new skin, try bodypainting and let us change you into a water creature. We have glitters, crystals, neon and fluorescent paints. A festival isn't just about music - you might have some free time on your hands. And we in Warsaw know how to spend free time. The capital of free time is us!
This year we won the European Best Destination 2023 title. As many as 142,000 people decided we were the best city to visit in Europe. Remember: the Mermaid rules!