Orange Warsaw Festival is one of the best-adjusted music festivals for people with disabilities in Poland. Our priority is to make the festival a friendly place for everyone and a safe space for experiencing positive emotions. We have introduced a number of facilities aimed at people with various disabilities, intended to facilitate moving around the area and taking advantage of festival attractions.   Audio-leaflets about the OWF General information about the festival, in the form of audio-leaflets, is included below.
Easy to read and understand texts about the festival

Prepared accessibilities in brief:

  • N ticket allowing a person with disabilities to enter with a supporting person
  • Priority Service Point where one can exchange ticket for festival pass, receive support and all necessary practical information
  • dedicated, wide festival gates
  • local transportation from the entrance gate to the Służewiec Horse Racing area to the Priority Service Point situated near the festival entrance
  • "Kiss and Ride" option - where you can be given a lift directly to the entrance to the festival area and the possibility of buying a parking place 
  • over 2,400 m2 of hardened surface facilitating moving around
  • platforms with ramps in the vicinity of both stages, which provide comfortable conditions for enjoying the music
  • trained, supporting volunteers at the site 
  • ramps on the curves and elevations of the terrain
  • induction loops for the persons with hearing problems (on/near the platforms in the vicinity of both stages and at the Priority Service Point)
  • interpreter of the Polish Sign Language
  • points equipped with toilets adapted to the needs of people with disabilities
  • all concerts at the main stage with audio description and festival radio operating 15 minutes before the concerts and just after them


If you have any questions, choose one of the topics on the tabs above. If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please contact [email protected] and/or [email protected] You can also call, write a message or send a video message in PJM to the number: 604 432 911.

N category tickets and documents

You can buy the N ticket at:
You can buy a two-day pass or tickets for individual days.
  Only persons with major level of disability, as well as persons with any level of disability requiring using the wheelchair are entitled to purchase 2-day tickets N and 1-day tickets N. The level of disability which is mentioned herein, should be confirmed with the certificate from District Disability Determination Service (with photo confirming identity ) or valid Disabled ID card (with photo confirming identity).   Here (pdf file) you'll find more information.   Remember to take with you a document confirming your entitlement to use N tickets:
  • Disability certificate (from District or City Disability Determination Service) - with photo confirming identity
  • Pensioner’s card - from Social Insurance Company (ZUS) - with photo confirming identity
  • valid Disabled ID card (from District or City Disability Determination Service) - with photo confirming identity
  See templates of documents listed above (pdf file)   Each person, who has purchased the ticket N, can come with supporting person, if there is a need. Ticket for person with disabilities entitles (one during the whole festival time) supporting person to enter the event area, and to accompany the person with disabilities. At the entrance, person with disabilities and the supporting person receive separate wristbands.   Each  person with disabilities with ticket N can enter the festival area with one supporting person. In case off having a 2-day ticket N it must be the same supporting person through the whole festival time.   Tickets N are subject to discounts for Orange customers on the same rules as the other tickets.   Suddenly, the N VIP tickets are not available. We would also like to inform you that the VIP area is located on the second floor of the building. There are no elevators in the building.

Road to the Festival

  The festival opens at 3:00pm. The area will be open until 2:30am   This year's OWF takes palce at Służewiec Horse Race Track. You can get there as well by means of public transport as by your own car or bike. We have described basic information about the way to the festival in an easy-to-read and understand text:  

By car

There is a parking for people with disabilities near the entrance to the festival area.  If you want to use this parking lot, you must buy a parking ticket N.
When entering the festival area, show security: ticket N, parking ticket N and a valid parking card.
Parking tickets for people with disabilities are available for purchase at Alter Sklep.

Kiss & Ride

It is possible to use the "Kiss and Ride" option - being dropped off close to the entrance to the festival area and the Priority Service Point.
If you want to use this option - show the security at the main gate of the Horse Racing Grounds your N ticket or N pass.

On foot, by bike or scooter

You can reach the festival grounds on foot, by bike or in any other way. There is a parking lot for bicycles near the entrance gates to the festival area from Puławska Street.
People in wheelchairs who use an electric drive or another can leave their equipment at the Priority Service Point. We will also store other tools there to support people with disabilities. They will be safe there.

Public transport

The nearest group of stops (bus and tram) called "WYŚCIGI" is at the intersection of Puławska and Rzymowskiego streets. The distance from these stops to the festival gates is approximately 1,000 meters. The route includes audible and non-audible pedestrian crossings with lowered curbs and driveways.   The nearest metro stops are METRO URSYNÓW and METRO SŁUŻEW. You can also read about the availability of public transport in Warsaw on the website of Warsaw Public Transport Komunikacja Bez Barrier.   A description of the availability of our recommended routes to the festival area from Warsaw railway stations and airports can be found in the PDF file: [PDF file].   If you need additional information - contact us: [email protected].   Thanks to cooperation with the City of Warsaw on June 7-8 and on June 9 until 4:00am you can use Warsaw public transport with your festival wristband without having to buy tickets or use the city card! We would like to remind you that the ticket itself does not entitle you to free travel by public transport, you must wear a festival wristband*.   To get to the metro platform, simply scan the QR code below, which will be active on June 7-8 and June 9 until 4:00 a.m.   * Free public transport travel applies only to Ticket Zone 1 and includes buses, trams, metro and SKM trains  
Download the QR code here.

Assisted transport

If, due to your condition (e.g. injury, pregnancy or experience of a disability), you need support with transport between: the main entrance gate to the Horse Racing Track in Służewiec (Racing Avenue), Priority Service Point (POP), which is located at the festival gates, let us know about it. This route is approximately 700 meters long and may be difficult to complete due to the condition of sidewalks or festival crowds.   You will find volunteers at the main gate and at the POP. Just approach them and let them know you need assisted transport.  You can also call or write to: 604 432 911.   We provide assisted transport in a car accessible to wheelchair users.

Priority Service Point (POP)

After entering the Horse Racetrack, people with an N tickets should go to the Priority Service Point (POP). The tent is located close (100 m) to the festival gates. It is marked with an inscription.
At the Priority Service Point, the documents authorizing the purchase of an N ticket are verified, and then the tickets are exchanged for a festival wristband.
Everything is done without queues. You will also receive an additional wristband that allows you to use availability zones.
  At POP, a trained team will answer all questions about accessibility at the festival. You will also:
  • receive one-on-one support/assistance,
  • be directed to the entrance gates to the festival area.
  POP has access to PJM translators, an induction loop, and radio receivers for audio description. There is a toilet available nearby.
You can leave an electric drive or other bicycle attachment for a whillchair, a whillchair or other supporting equipment at the POP.

One-On-One support

If you are going to the festival area without an accompanying person, you can count on the support of an individual assistant. The assistance is provided by Volunteers who are trained before each edition of the festival.   You can (but do not have to) inform us about the need for assistance. Write to: [email protected] or call: 604 432 911.   Note: Volunteers prepared to provide assistance can be recognized by their T-shirts with the inscription "Wolontariusz Fundacji Orange" and their ID badges. You will always meet them in access zones and at the Priority Service Point.

Entry to the festival area

Persons authorized to use accessibility solutions can use dedicated, extended entrance gates. Priority gates are marked with a wheelchair pictogram. Here you will meet volunteers who can support you in passing through the gates.


All concerts on the main stage (Orange Stage) are audio-described. Audio description is available on a radio frequency - 91.5 Mh. To receive it, all you need is a portable radio or a radio application on your smartphone.   If you do not have equipment that will allow you to use audio description, please contact the Priority Service Point. You can rent a portable radio there. However, you must have your headphones.


Accessible toilets are available throughout the festival area - in the toilet lines marked on the festival maps. Additional accessible toilets are also:
  • at the Orange Stage, next to the accessibility zone,
  • at the Warsaw Stage, next to the accessibility zone,
  • near the Priority Service Point,
  • the ground floor of the Tribune No. 2 building (where e.g. Silent Disco is located).


There are elevated platforms at both festival stages - the Orange Stage and the Warsaw Stage. They allow you to comfortably watch concerts in a sitting position. The platforms are accessed by ramps with handrails and an inclination of no more than 6%.   On the platforms you can use: induction loop, chairs, access to electricity. Here you will meet volunteers prepared to assist you.   Toilets are available near the platforms.

Induction loop

The portable induction loop is available at the Priority Service Point.
Induction loops are installed in both access zones near the Orange and Warsaw stages.

PJM translators

During the festival, we cooperate with PJM translators. You can meet them at the Priority Service Point or connect with them remotely from anywhere. Volunteers will help with this. You will recognize them by their T-shirts with the inscription "Wolontariusz Fundacji Orange" and their ID badges. You will always meet them in the access zones, but also in the festival town. Volunteers do not know PJM, but they are prepared to conduct conversations with the support of text-to-speech technology.

Festival town

Part of the Festival town is located on sidewalks and asphalt. Some are set up on grassy areas. There are paved paths in key places, which will help you avoid walking on the grass. There are curb ramps throughout the entire festival. Unfortunately, not all stands and food trucks are fully accessible, i.e. some have stairs or a high counter. However, all persons with disabilities have priority during operation. If necessary, please contact the festival staff for support.

So-called temporary disability

People with the so-called temporary disability, for example people with a broken leg or walking on crutches, cannot buy a category N ticket or exchange the purchased ticket for a category N ticket. However, they can use all accessibility solutions. We encourage you to contact volunteers or security staff who are located in front of the entrance gate to the Horse Racetrack or go directly to the Priority Service Point. There you will receive support adequate to your needs.

Medicines and medical supplies

If, due to your health condition, you take specialized medications or use medical supplies to administer medications, please report this to the Priority Service Point or inform security staff when entering the festival area.
Note: You must have a medical certificate confirming the need to have medical devices or medical supplies.
  Bringing your own food or drinks into the festival area is prohibited. If you are on a strictly defined diet, you must document it with a medical certificate. In this case - bring your food or drinks in a way that does not violate the provisions of the festival regulations [link to regulations]. You are not allowed to bring into the festival area, among other things:
  • canned drinks,
  • glass bottles,
  • thermoses.
  People with diabetes can bring their own food.

Coming back home

When returning home, you can choose from all the arrangements described above, including supported transport and assistance (to the Racetrack gate).   Please remember that at the end of the concerts on the Orange Stage and the Warsaw Stage, changes are introduced every day in the traffic organization on the streets near the Horse Racetrack (some streets are closed), and leaving the festival area and using public transport may cause difficulties for the crowd.   The festival area is open to the public until 02.30.

Accessible OWF: partnership

Accessibility of OWF is coordinated by the Polska bez Barrier Foundation in close cooperation with Alter Art Festival, Orange Polska and the Orange Foundation. In addition, we are supported by independent experts and teams: the Widzialni Foundation and the Foundation for the Development of Audio Description "Katarynka" and the Polish Foundation for the Hard of Hearing. Together we take care of the comfort and safety of the festival audience.

Together = better!

We are open to your suggestions and tips! Let us know how you feel about the availability of OWF and if there is anything we can improve. We have been improving the tools and services we use for over 10 years - we invite you to evaluate them.
Write a message or send the PJM vlog to: [email protected] and [email protected]