The mermaids have not given up their power and continue to rule in the Warsaw Festival Zone. And, as extremely friendly creatures, they invited turtles, jellyfish and crabs to join them. From the depths of the Vistula River they also transported their throne so that you can feel like the ruler of Warsaw’s waters. Put on a new skin during bodypainting workshops, create a floral crown and a personalized pendant. Let our mermaids take care of you in the make-up zone. For the weary festival visitors we have prepared a relaxation zone, and no one knows better how to spend your free time than us.
Craving refreshment at the festival? Get a Heineken!
At Orange Warsaw Festival you can try three our variants: Heineken Original, Heineken 0.0 and Heineken Silver. Flavourful brews perfect for the festival vibes!
  Rossmann Czujesz Klimat? zone is a must-see at Orange Warsaw Festival. Opportunities to have fun aplenty in-between concerts of your favourite artists. Get ready for:  
  • beauty stations,
  • barber,
  • jaw-dropping instaspots,
  • chillout area,
  • gifts and surprises.
  Make sure you drop in!
  House of Walkers is a space that will let you feel summer's freshness.  It's a place where together with your friends, you'll taste Johnny Walker whiskey cocktails with a summer twist and you'll  have a blast, with some great music. Thanks to our quick quiz, you'll know which Johnnie to order at the bar. In addition to that, with the Diageo Bar Academy trainers, you'll learn to mix Johnnie cocktails. 
Remeber that the stamps collected by buying cocktails can be exchanged for a cross body sachet bag - perfect for summer festivals.

Get ready to party like never before, because Bacardi is bringing the heat at CASA MUSICA on the hottest festival of the year! With epic beats, refreshing Bacardi cocktails, and non-stop good vibes, we're turning up the festival experience to legendary levels. Let's dance, sip, and make unforgettable memories together – Bacardi and OWF are a match made in party paradise! See you at CASA MUSICA
  Are you looking for energy and refreshment? Get some extra wings from Red Bull and party at the festival until dawn!
  The legendary Żubrówka is the most popular Polish vodka brand in the world. It is a true icon, available in over 40 countries such as the United States, France and even Japan. Żubrówka is primarily Bison Grass, which is where it all started, but also the Fresh Żu line, which consists of four fruity, refreshing flavors - sour apple, refreshing mint, sour lemon and juicy cherry with lime. Look for them in the unique Żubrówka zone, where, apart from cocktails, there are many attractions waiting for you. 
Discover maximum fruity refreshment in the world of Tymbark at Orange Warsaw Festival. We love music as much as YOU do, so we're waiting for you in our zone and points! For you and your friends we have refreshment like never before!  This year, Tymbark is once again inviting you to a HOUSEPARTY where you can spice up your look while getting refreshed! Grab your friends and join the fruit twisted Tymbark team! See you there! #lovelife #lovemusic #tymbarkhouseparty
  Aperol is a world-wide known aperitif and the key ingredient to Aperol Spritz cocktail. Its unique bittersweet taste derives from a secret and original recipe, created in 1919 that has remained authentic over time as a result of a hard work of experimentation. An infusion of selected primary components including oranges, herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination. JOIN THE JOY!
  Visit the Stand Up Against Street Harassment campaign zone by L’Oréal Paris and learn how to respond to unwanted behaviors in public spaces. Take a short training session during which you can charge your phone. Talk with educators from Feminoteka and join a conscious community by taking a photo in the photo booth with the letter D on your hand. Create with us a virtual gallery of portraits of people supporting the campaign, and additionally personalize your phone and get a unique tattoo with a powerful message. #WeStandUp #StandUpPoland #LOrealParis @LorealParis
Lipton is hitting the road to bring festival goers an extra dose of pleasure!  This year, Lipton tea brand's slogan “Spill The Tea” invites festival goers to share their talents, interests and moments of pleasure. Come and taste our surprising tea combinations, created by a Tea-Barista! Create your own multimedia collage! And after all these activities, lounge in the shade of the treetops, on our yellow hammocks with a cup of green tea. You can't miss it!

The "Pleasure of Dating MAGNUM x SEXEDPL" zone at the Orange Warsaw Festival is a place where you will be able to meet the SEXEDPL team and talk with our experts. We have set up educational speed dating for you, where you get the opportunity to talk to a sexologist, gynecologist, psychologist or sexeducator. Additionally, you could share your best dating stories and indulge in Magnum ice cream.
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