General info


Festival opens its gates at 3pm and will be open until 2:30am on both days.

Attention! We are opening a ticket to wristband exchange point one day before the festival for our festival goers. If you do not want to stand in long queues, be late for concerts or you wish to use public transport with your festival wristband on festival days, exchange your wristband as early as possible. The exchange point will be located on Horse Racetrack Służewiec near entrance gate from Puławska Street and will be open on:

May 29 & 30: 1pm-10pm

May 31: 12pm-1.30am

June 1: 2pm-1.30am

You will be able to purchase tickes in Info Point/Box Office on May 29 & 30 between 1pm-10pm, on May 31 between 12pm-1am and on June 1 between 2pm-1am. The point is located in Horse Racetrack Służewiec area near entrance gate from Puławska Street. You will be charged a service fee which is 3% of your ticket’s price.

VIP ticket to wristband exchange point located near Poleczki Street will be open on May 31 & June 1 between 2pm and 1.30am.


Orange Warsaw Festival has cashless paying system on the festival area. You can make payments with your own payment card*, mobile phone or special payment band in Mastercard technology.

There will be cash exchange/payment band service points for payment bands.

Payment band in form of a silicone band with a card acts as a paymanet card that once topped-up, allows you to pay contactless at the festival.

*Mastercard payments are preferred but other cards will be accepted too.

Mastercard contactless card can be ordered in your bank. Go to for more information.


There will be two ATMs on festival site which you will be able to withdraw cash from. They will be easily accessible for people with disabilities.


Different, selected catering stalls will be waiting for music fans. We’ve invited local foodmakers from Warsaw who run their stationary restaurants on a daily basis, and will participate in Orange Warsaw Festival with their stalls at the venue. Vegetarians and vegans will be over the moon!

For the second year, we are creating a new food court between Warsaw Stage and Tribune II.


You can buy clothes and accessories from independent clothing brands at the festival area.


Children with parents are invited to the special zone open from 3pm until midnight. All activities will be taken care of by experienced animators. Smaller children will be able to use ball pit, blocks, different toys adapted to kids’ age. For older children we prepared colouring books, XXL toys, trampoline. Each day there will be huge soap bubble shows.

We remind all the parents to take the protective headphones with you, in order to protect your children’s hearing. If you forget them, you can always buy them in OWF merch.


We care about ecology at Orange Warsaw Festival!

Come to ECOPOINT where you will find out why you should recycle and how to create everyday objects from waste. You will be able to see how plastic materials are crushed by the baler. UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center makes the festival "green". There will be a group of trained eco-patrols on festival site – Orange Foundation volunteers.

Help us take care of the environment. Cups at Orange Warsaw Festival are reusable cups in a specific zone. When you purchase your first drink, a refundable deposit of PLN 6 is added to the price. After quenching your thirst, do not throw away the cup, just fill it in the bar with a new drink (replace it with a new one) or simply get it back to one of the cup points, and we will refund the deposit to your card.

The refund can take up to two weeks. Refunds to the account processed by the payment operator last longer than regular payment transactions. That is because each transaction is individually checked for security reasons and the return amount has to be adequate. Please be patient – we ensure that funds will be returned in the near future to the card which was used at the return point.



You will be able to take a taxi to and from Orange Warsaw Festival. The taxi stop will be located on the way between the entry gates to the festival and the main gate to the Horse Racetrack area from Puławska Street.